Cuba surprises with victory over Azerbaijan in Chess Olympiad

The Cuban team won an important victory this Tuesday over the strong cast of Azerbaijan in the open category Olympiad of Chess based in the city of Chennai, in Indiaand climbed to sixth place in the tournament table.

The representations of India 2 and Armenia dominate that section after completing the fifth round, in which the Cuban cast achieved a quick victory in the second table with Carlos Daniel Albornoz as the protagonist against Rauf Mamedov, a man who surpasses him by 100 Elo points, according to the review of the sports portal Hit.

The player from Camagüey successfully moved the white pieces and sentenced the pulse in his favor after 38 moves of a Sicilian defense, adds the note.

According to the report, Luis Ernesto Quesada achieved another important success on the third board against Vasif Durarbayli. The Avilanian led the black figures and also opted for a Sicilian defense, which, in the end, earned him the victory after 57 sets.

With parity already guaranteed, Omar Almeida contributed the necessary half point to ensure the collective victory. His draw at the fourth table against Nijat Abasov, in move 76 of a Queen’s Gambit, could even lead him to victory according to several specialists consulted by the digital publication, taking into account the queen and pawn ending that the game had.

Finally, Yasser Quesada was unable to maintain his unbeaten pace as the top board after four successive victories and gave way to Shakriyar Mamedyarov, one of the most renowned players of the world elite present at the Olympiad, he specifies Hit.

The excellent result elevated the representatives of the cuban chess in the classification and certified his next match this Wednesday against Spain, a team that has in its ranks well-known exponents of the so-called science game such as Alexei Shirov and Francisco Vallejo.

However, the Cuban joy could not be total during the day, since, as stated Hitthe female cast fell to Kazakhstan with a score of 1-3. In that duel, Lisandra Ordaz and Yaniela Forgas yielded, while Yerisbel Miranda and Maritza Arribas agreed to a draw.

Ordaz lost to Zhansaya Abdumalik, Forgas conceded his first defeat against Guliskhan Nakhabayeva, while Yerisbel signed the equality with Bibisara Assaubayeva and Maritza with Xeniya Balabayeva, details the digital medium.

With that setback, the Cubans were in seven points and dropped to 30th place, from which they will face Colombia this Wednesday.

India, Georgia and Romania lead the classification of the women’s competition with five matches won in a row and a perfect accumulation of 10 units.

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