Migrantes venezolanos caminando en vías ecuatorianas luego de cruzar la frontera con Colombia y en camino hacia Perú.

Crisis in Venezuela, Haiti and Honduras can spread to all of Latin America

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) presented its emergency observation report for 2022 (2022 Emergency Watchlist) in which it warns that, if crises in countries like Venezuela, Honduras and Haiti are not resolved in time, the humanitarian crises are going to expand in the region and will have an impact in Latin America during 2022.

Meghan López, IRC regional vice president for Latin America, stressed that the emergencies in these countries have been getting worse and if the international community does not heed them, are going to mark the region this year given that the chumanitarian crises will spread across borders of the countries where they originate as has already been happening.

López recalled that countries that have become recipients and migratory corridors, such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico, they are already attending problems of other nations which has originated from a “failure at all levels” of the global humanitarian system in which it adds 15 million people (between Haiti, Honduras and Venezuela) who need help.

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The document highlights that humanitarian situation has worsened in Haiti due to the increase in murders and kidnappings and the control of criminal groups in aspects such as transportation and food, in Honduras the crisis is on account of the increase in the homicide rate and in Venezuela clashes between Colombian military forces and criminal groups.

For the IRC, to this crisis adds the coronavirus pandemic which will undoubtedly deepen the crisis in these three countries, to which the economic slowdown, the imbalance of access to food and climate change are added.

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