Andrés Guardado: "I want to get to the World Cup and pass the barrier of the fifth game"

Andrés Guardado: “I want to get to the World Cup and pass the barrier of the fifth game”

Andrew Saved He submitted these days to an interview conducted by his wife Sandra Vega.

Sandra has a channel Youtube which he calls “The Captain” in which he works to tell what his personal life is like and the events or events that take place in it.

“La Capitana” proposed, to her followers, through her social networks, the option of asking questions that she would later ask her husband, Andrew Saved.

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The Mexican underwent the interview and revealed some of the most important memories of his sports career, as well as the desire to reach the Qatar World Cup 2022 and about his retirement Atlas.

Andrew Saved abandonment Mexico almost 15 years ago and since then it has been in Europe developing his sports career. The player has gone through different teams: Deportivo de la Coruña, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV and Real Betis, institution in which he is currently.

The Mexican could not decide on a key moment in his career as a professional, because throughout it there have been many, but among them the championship achieved with the PSV from Holland.

As in any other interview, Saved was questioned about his possible withdrawal in the Atlas and it is no secret that the soccer player wants things to happen for his return to Mexican soccer.

“I have always said, yes I would like to retire in the Atlas, but it doesn’t depend on me, it’s not because I say ‘I want to retire at Atlas, I’m going to Atlas’, there is a board, a coach, there are people who have to give me the opportunity to retire at Atlas, no It’s up to me to decide,” he said.

In addition, the Mexican stressed that he has a good relationship with the red and black club: “I have a good relationship, we were about to leave in 2019, but in the end it didn’t happen, it wasn’t his time.”

But nevertheless, Saved does not close the door to retire in another club in case Atlas didn’t count on him. He is willing to say goodbye in any team where they let him do it and he will feel happy, because it will be where they give him the opportunity.

The little Prince” recognized that in Europe the figure of the footballer is much more respected than in Mexicoboth on and off the field. So if Atlas doesn’t give him the opportunity, who knows if his retirement will be in Europe.

The 35-year-old footballer only thinks of Qatar 2022 with the Mexican team, wants the “Tata” Martino gives him the opportunity to dispute what would be his fifth and last world and get through to the fifth game.

“To achieve something important in the world with the Selection (Mexican), I still have a chance. There is like a ‘curse’ of not being able to reach the fifth game. I have four World Cups without playing the fifth game. I want to get there and be able to pass that barrier,” he declared.

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