CREE Banreservas starts 2022 Pre-acceleration program

CREE Banreservas starts 2022 Pre-acceleration program

The Banco de Reservas, through its CREE program, began the ninth edition of the Pre-Acceleration Program, with the participation of 10 projects entrepreneurs that stood out among the more than 190 proposals from all over the country.

This program is designed to support entrepreneurs in the development of their business and increase your chances of success in the market. Participants must spend around 20 hours a week for five months working alongside experts in different areas of the business, depending on the stage of their venture.

Raquel Giráldez, Director of Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Banreservas, encouraged young people to take advantage of all the strategic, technical and facilitating mentors who will be accompanying them during the program, so that their companies can reach the next level.

The selected ventures are: Biopet-ID, Umami, Facishop, Contapp Digital, Xperience Dominican Republic, Gingerly, Learning to Dream, Mobiliapp, Our Flavor and Smart Cosmetics, which belong to various economic sectors such as education, services, technology, tourism and commerce. electronic.

Melissa Hernandez, Program Manager Entrepreneurs Create Banreservationsexplained the methodology and the process that will be carried out within the framework of the five months of work, highlighting that the main objectives are: refine the business model of the projects, define together with the entrepreneur the best commercial strategies for growth , formulate financial projections and manage to create a pitch or sales presentation for investors.

In addition, Hernández exhorted the participants to enjoy this training process. “It is a pleasure for us to be part of their plans and accompany them on the journey of undertaking,” she said.

At the end of their training period, entrepreneurs will present, before an evaluation committee, their proposals for business on Demo Day, so that they can opt for a potential capital investment will allow them to further develop their companies.

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