Covid-19 sigue presente, con aumento de algunos síntomas

Covid-19 is still present, with an increase in some symptoms

Santo Domingo.-The cases by Covid-19 continue to increase, although in less quantity than on other occasions; however, some clinical manifestations of the disease have increased, according to specialists.

Until yesterday, 1,864 people had the active coronavirus in their bodies, of whom 68 were hospitalized in regular beds and 10 in intensive care, but none required assisted ventilation.

“Regarding the symptoms observed, there has been an increase in clinical manifestations and findings at the tomographic level, that is, the impact on health is more important than the variant (Ómicron) that was presenting in December and January” said the pulmonologist Evangelina Soler.

In relation to this, Soler said that patients are presenting more symptoms such as fever, general malaise and other signs of the disease. In addition, she pointed out that some are having cardiovascular manifestations such as arrhythmias.

Also in chest scans, he has been able to see a greater number of patients with lung conditions.
The also past president of the Dominican Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery reported that in the last wave of the virus the variant that affected the population was Omicron, while currently they are seeing people infected with its subvariant, which is BA .two.

He also indicated that some of those who were infected with Omicron have now been affected by this subvariant.
On his side, the infectologist and director of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, Clemente Terrero, stressed that this increase in cases is also affecting minors, because after three months of not registering admissions in that center, yesterday there were two children, who remained stable.

The specialist highlighted that there is an underreporting of cases because when a person tests positive for the virus, the other members of the family usually take a home test that is not notified to the Ministry of Public Health.

Thus, with this reference, the approval is given and these patients are treated, since they have a family history with a test performed plus the symptoms.

To this is added, according to Dr. Clevy Pérez, president of the Dominican Society of Infectious Diseases, people who do not undergo PCR, antigenic or rapid tests, because they are asymptomatic.

The new recombinant strains that have aroused the interest of society are called XD, XE and XF and have been detected mainly in France, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

All three include material from the BA.1 strain (Ómicron) and, in the case of the XD and XF variants, from the Delta variant.
Ómicron’s XE has mutated to a so-called XT, an alteration of the BA.1 and BA sublineages. 2 originating in South Africa, and which has begun to be registered in Spain.

According to international media, the cases of Covid-19 in the United States in the last seven days are six times higher than what was recorded on the same date last year, although with fewer deaths.

The updated coronavirus list includes three new symptoms, which are stuffy or runny nose, nausea, and diarrhea.

Recommend going to the doctor in time.
Prevention. The president of the Dominican Society of Infectious Diseases, Clevy Pérez, recommended attending the doctor and undergoing the test in case of having symptoms of Covid-19.

This, above all, in patients with risk factors such as diabetics, obese, hypertensive and people not vaccinated against the virus.

“There are treatments that can be used to reduce complications, but they are more effective when used early,” he said.

On the other hand, yesterday 4,971 were processed, of which 299 were positive, for a daily positivity of 9.26 percent and accumulated positivity of 3.2 percent.
From March 2020 to date, 583,722 infections have been registered in the country and 577,481 have recovered.

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