COVID-19 cases present a sustained increase in Huancavelica

COVID-19 cases present a sustained increase in Huancavelica

COVID-19 cases present a sustained increase in Huancavelica

Despite the fact that the alert was already declared at the national level for the alleged fifth wave of COVID-19, in Huancavelica it is not yet felt, but there is a sustained increase in cases.

This was confirmed by the person in charge of epidemiology of DIRESA Huancavelica, David Enriquez Cusi, who also explained that there have been no deaths from this disease in our department for about three months.

“We have a sustained increase in cases in the last three weeks. There were 15 (cases) in week 45, 36 in week 46, 107 in week 47 and so far this week there are already 100,” said Enriquez Cusi.

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Likewise, he said that to date there is only one patient, a minor, under observation with suspicion of COVID – 19 in the Departmental Hospital.

“We have not had deaths since week 34, we have three months without deaths (from COVID-19), in the fourth wave there were only four deaths, from that date, until now, we have none,” he sentenced.

However, far from calling a march against COVID-19, as suggested by the health minister, the head of the Huancavelica epidemiology office urged the population to re-adopt health measures.

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“If we do not start to be careful, we do not start to take care of ourselves, we must return to the mandatory use of masks, washing our hands, keeping distance, avoiding crowds, we should adopt these measures now, if we do not do so, the increase in cases and we probably have deceased hospitalized, “said the official.

He also said that vaccination should also be resumed strongly so as not to wait for more hospitalized.

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“Those who are going to pay the piper for this responsibility are the elderly. They are the most affected, the adults, those who go to work, go to parties, in this group there is the most important increase, ”he concluded.

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