Opinions for and against the arrest of Mantequilla

Opinions for and against the arrest of Mantequilla

Although some investors went to the courthouse to testify against Wilkin Garcia Peguerobetter known as “Butter”, during the hearing that was known as a measure of coercion, others asked for their freedom.

And it is that for some of these people who decided to invest in the company 3.14 Investments World Widethe faith that at some point Butter he will answer them for every penny he received with the promise to “multiply” it.

According to him Public ministryand according to the plaintiffs against him, Wilkin García owes more than 20 million pesos. Besides scam, Butter He is accused of threatening to kill a person.

Mrs sonia nivar said that he invested 500 thousand pesos in the company Butter and that, although she has not resolved him with anything, for her Wilkin is not a fraudster as he appears in the file of the Public Ministry.

“I have an investment of 500,000 pesos. Wilkin is not a scammer, because a scammer never shows his face and Wilkin has always shown his face, he has always sought payment strategies”sonia nivarInvestor

It has been two months since Sonia invested and she still holds out hope that “little by little” Butter pay the more than 600 investors who trusted him.

The same opinion is held by Mr. Wilkin Ferrerwho invested with his friends and family around 2 million 500 thousand pesos, of which Butter he has only given her 300,000. But still, he is confident that Butter at some point pay what you owe, at least the principal.

He stated that García Peguero always answered his calls and messages, until 3:00 in the morning that he wrote to him, and that he told him that he would not keep money from anyone since he was going to pay according to the list order for being Many.

“When the pressure from the Bank Superintendency began, Wilkin stopped working, because I can tell you that he worked day by day, Wilkin at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning, you found him online and I told him Crazy, you don’t sleep and he told me: ‘I can’t look bad and I’m not going to look bad on my people,’” Ferrer said when he attended the hearing this Saturday.

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Soranlly Antigua Santana consider that if they let Butter Behind bars “right there it ended, there it is true that the butter melted”.

Antigua Santana stated that Mr. Wilkin García “starved a lot of people”, from what he understands many people have betrayed him by considering and maintaining the faith that he would pay the people who invested in the company 3.14 Investments.

“They were after Wilkin like a lapdog: ‘Wilkin, please, give me a two-day offer, please, Wilkin’. And now Wilkin is the biggest scammer?” Antigua Santana questioned while waiting for the hearing.

While, Samuel Zapata Nunezwho also stated that from prison Wilkin will not be able to pay those people who owe him.

He understands that the authorities must reach an agreement with him so that he can respond to investors.

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However, the lord franklin garciaHe expects Wilkin to pay what he owes and, if he doesn’t, he expects “the full weight of the law to fall on him” since he gave him the only thing he had to leave for Saint Thomas Island.

García explained that he mortgaged his house for 300,000 pesos two months ago and that he even talked to Butter that he only give him 250,000 to give him the 50,000 and that way he can pay 10,000 to five people.

“I told him I’m going to give you 50,000 if he gives me back, if he gives me 300, give me 250 and with the other 50 you pay five clients 10,000 pesos. But he has no way of how to pay one, ”she specified.

He added: “I have my house mortgaged before I arrived at 3.14 and he told me to bring me the money that I will multiply it for you and I brought him the money so that he could multiply it for me and it will be three months old, but he did not return my room . I got tired of calling him and he never picked up the phone.

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He said he trusted him because the family of Butter It is full of “serious” people who have never looked to the future for a scam on the part of the defendant.

“We believed each other too much because he has his family there and they are serious people. In reality, I don’t want him to be in jail, what I want is for him to give me back my room,” Garcia said.

Another of the plaintiffs was Mr. Tomas de Leon Guzmanwho appeared before the audience visibly upset with the receipts for the amount of money he invested in the company 3.14 Investments.

He considers that the time that the authorities take to solve the cases makes the “thieves” do what they want.

“It has to be done Justice with that criminal, because of the length they are taking on the case, all the thieves are doing what they want”, were the words of Mr. Tomás before entering the first room of the Office of Permanent Attention Services of mount silver.

He assures that he invested more than 300,000 pesos in the company with the intention of seeing it grow as promised by the popular Butter.

Tomás de León works as a motoconchista in the Sabana Grande de Boyá municipality.

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Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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