Council of Autonomies: Due to "lack of guarantees", Camacho does not arrive in La Paz;  Maple will not be

Council of Autonomies: Due to “lack of guarantees”, Camacho does not arrive in La Paz; Maple will not be

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Due to “lack of guarantees”, the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, declined his presence at the meeting of Governors to be held this Tuesday in La Paz within the framework of the call of the National Council of Autonomies. President Luis Arce, who was expected to lead the meeting, will also not be present due to his recent trip to Cuba.

“We want to inform that due to the advance of the pandemic and the absence of guarantees that the governor (Luis Fernando Camacho) has not been able to give to personally attend the city of La Paz, it has been decided to request the national government that participate in this virtual meeting ”, informed the Secretary of Justice of the Santa Cruz Government, Efraín Suárez.

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The authority indicated that a letter was sent to the Government requesting that the governor of Santa Cruz be able to speak at the meeting by virtual means.

He also emphasized that on various occasions when Camacho traveled to other departments, he was harassed by shock groups related to the MAS.

Camacho was accused on December 1 in Tarija, when a group of people threw eggs at him in the vicinity of the Luis de Fuentes y Vargas square. Among the group that rejected the presence of the Governor, the former leader of the Central Obrera Departamental (COD) Rubén Ramallo was identified.

Hours later, they blocked the entrance to the airport to prevent his return to Santa Cruz.

“Beyond the existence of these shock groups, which have always existed on the part of the national government, what is striking is that the authorities called to put a stop to this type of situation do not do so. They do not give the respective guarantees so that the governor and any citizen can move around the country, ”Suárez remarked.

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Another great absentee at the meeting will be President Luis Arce, who traveled to Cuba to participate in the XX ALBA-TCP Summit. David Choquehuanca, who has served as acting president since Monday afternoon, will lead the meeting.

Earlier, the Vice Minister of Autonomy, Álvaro Ruiz, confirmed the presence of the other eight governors at the meeting scheduled for 10:00 am this Tuesday at the Casa Grande del Pueblo.

“We have officially received the confirmation of eight of the nine governors, missing from the Government of Santa Cruz. We have also received confirmation from the municipal associative system (FAM), the five presidents would be there; of the indigenous autonomies, there would be the five presidents and the regional autonomy of the Chaco ”, he reported.

Last week Ruiz indicated that the main topics on the meeting’s agenda are: economic recovery and health. Regarding the first issue, the implementation of the Law of the Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) that Camacho is questioning will be discussed with the governors.

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