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Cordon rape victim was fired from work after audio was released, her lawyer said


The victim’s advocate in the case of especially aggravated sexual abuse of the Cordón, for which there are three defendants in prison, said the victim was recently laid off from her job as a domestic worker.

The woman had been certified since the event occurred in January and when she returned she was fired because they recognized her voice on the radio program Fishbowl (Blue FM)affirmed the woman’s lawyer, Soledad Suárez, to The Observer.

Suárez indicated that this is a recurring problem in cases of sexual abuse: the victim suffers from “stigma”, “prejudice”, “discrimination” and a “blaming look” that leads to her employer firing her.

According to the lawyer, the victim’s employers they knew his identity in the radio program led by the journalist Ignacio Álvarez, who shared audios of a video recorded at the time of the eventsheld in early February. From the information provided, and from the voice heard in the audios, they recognized her.

Alvarez was denounced in February by the Prosecutor’s Office after he released the audiosin the understanding that they could represent a violation of article 92 of Law No. 19,580 on gender-based violence, which prohibits “Disseminate intimate content of a sexual nature without the consent of the persons involved.”

It was for this investigation that the prosecutor in charge of the case, Mariana Alfaro, raided the Azul Fm radio in search of the origin of the shared content and then led to the Prosecutor’s Office retract the measure in the face of a possible threat to the right to reserve sources and freedom of the press.

According to Suárez, when the woman returned from her certification “I already knew” that she was going to be fired, which was fulfilled, indicated Suárez. The lawyer explained that Law No. 19,580 provides for measures to ensure the permanence of women affected by these crimes in their workplacesas stipulated in his article 40.

“For a period of six months from the imposition of precautionary measures for acts of gender-based violence, women in favor of whom they have arranged may not be dismissed. If they were, the employer must pay them an amount equivalent to six months of salary plus the corresponding legal indemnity”says literal F of that article.


This Monday the defense of the victim presented a letter in which he denounces the new prosecutor in charge of the case, Raul Iglesias -he took office in mid-May-, for “unfulfilled duties” in handling the caseafter having said publicly in various media that He wanted to change the precautionary measure of the defendants from preventive detention for 180 days to house arrest.

The purpose of the writing is that “cautionary and urgent measures are taken” with respect to the actions of Iglesias, for what “do not continue causing intimidation, suffering and re-victimization of the victim”indicates the document you accessed The Observer.

Suarez noted that the appearances of Iglesias in the mediaincluding an extensive interview on Fishbowl in which he maintained that the case is “high profile”, “are harming” the victim.

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