Contract signed to guarantee continuity of dredging in Magdalena

Contract signed to guarantee continuity of dredging in Magdalena

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena (Cormagdalena) signed an inter-administrative contract for $92,487 million with the Territorial Development Bank (finder) to continue the dredging work in the Magdalena River in 2023 in the sections between Barrancabermeja (Santander), and the municipality of Pinillos (Bolívar) and the access channel to the Port Zone of Barranquilla.

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“From the Ministry of Transportation we continue to support the management of Cormagdalena and Findeter, so that the processes for the maintenance of the navigable channel of the Magdalena River, and especially the access channel to the Port of Barranquilla and the Barrancabermeja – Pinillos section, are given within the framework of transparency, ensuring that the resources will not be diverted from their purpose”, he pointed the Minister of Transport Guillermo Francisco Reyes Gonzalez.

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The director (E) of cormagdalenaColonel (RA) Germán Puentes pointed out: “For more than three years, with Findeter, we have been celebrating inter-administrative contracts structured under technical and financial parameters that any dredging company that is interested in working on the Magdalena River must comply with, including the access channel to the Port of Barranquilla. All this analyzed, studied and in the eyes of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Attorney General of the Nation, in transparent processes and in accordance with the established legality”.

The information about the contract is enabled so that the interested public can follow the step by step of calls and selection and award processes.

This figure ensures that approved resources by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit through future terms are available for contracting derived from Finder.

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for his part the president of Findeter, Ricardo Bonilla, indicated that “From the Territorial Development Bank of Colombia we will continue to support this important work with agility, for the competitiveness of the country through technical assistance and the administration of resources that have allowed a planned execution of the dredging works in the different sectors of the Magdalena river, according to to the guidelines of Cormagdalena. Without dredging there is no fluvial navigability”.

Magdalena river


One of the purposes of this inter-administrative contract is seek the continuity of dredging both in the Barrancabermeja – Pinillos sector, as well as in the access channel to the Port of Barranquilla, guaranteeing a permanent entry for shippers and dockers, since without the dredgers the navigability conditions of the port would be affected. channel.

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