Abuses in the PDI: investigation commission of the Chamber requests an audience with President Boric so that the State responds to complaints

The investigative commission of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies that investigates abuses and negligence within the Investigative Police (PDI) agreed on Monday to request an audience with the President gabriel boric. This, to get the State’s commitment to respond to the hundreds of complaints that have come to light.

The commission will also summon the Minister of the Interior to testify on Wednesday, Carolina Toha; to the general director of the PDI, Sergio Munoz; to the director of the Medical Legal Service, Gabriel Zamoraamong other authorities.

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The commission – whose operation ends on Wednesday – reviewed 38 complaints about labor abuse, sexual abuse, harassment, homicides and suicides, among others, within the institution.

During the development of the commission, the instance received numerous complaints that will not be reviewed. Therefore, they will deliver to the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvea folder with 100 additional testimonials.

unanswered trades

The commission has sent 23 trades to the PDI, which the institution has not responded to. The requirements seek to access the resume of the victims and other background information.

“It is disrespectful that only one letter out of the 23 sent by this commission has been answered. We do not want all this work to come to nothing. We have serious concerns about the consequences that victims who have dared to denounce may have,” he said. the deputy Claudia Mix (Common), member of the commission.

“We want to have the institution’s commitment that these people will not suffer reprisals for telling a truth, which they can no longer hide,” added Deputy Mix.

Meanwhile, the deputy Marisela Santibanez (PC) indicated that “if this ends and nothing happens, it means that the Police have more power than the president.”

Monday session

In Monday’s session, they presented Ricardo Boopfor cases of torture; Catherine Navarrodue to gender violence; Cristian Canales (active), due to threats and intimidation; Ariel Bathrobefor torture and unlawful coercion; Fernando Ulloafor denunciation of influence peddling by authorities and cover-up of drug trafficking during the Government of sebastian pinera.

In addition, the relatives and representatives of deceased officials testified; lawyer Juan Carlos Clatet on behalf of two cases of suicide with confidentiality of identity.

In the session, the mother of Francisco Gutierrez accused concealment of records and false evidence in the alleged suicide of his son. “I handed my son over to the institution and they returned him to me dead and his case covered with pure lies,” he said.

The mother of sebastian law, whose case was tried to cover up by changing the place and circumstances of the death. He accuses that his son was induced to commit suicide by his co-workers.

The father of Augustine Square He indicated that the bullet that killed his son never appeared and pointed to the Legal Medical Service as an accomplice. “The PDI sends itself,” she claimed.

The brother of Luis Moraleswho died in strange circumstances in Temucuicui, requested a new Code of Ethics for the institution, which in his opinion “is perceived as having a high degree of degradation.”

The representative of Claudio Orellanakilled by the shot of a colleague, whose case also presented a false expert report that spoke of stabbing.

The brother of Valeria Vivanco. The false evidence presented for his death imprisoned innocent people and the real culprits are still unknown.

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