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Consumer Rights Day: Four digital solutions to avoid claims

Consumer Rights Day: Four digital solutions to avoid claims

Every March 15 marks the as a sign of protection and support of existing fundamental rights before the purchase and consumption of any product or service. Likewise, this date makes consumers aware of developing a leading role in the dynamics of the market, so that they can demand quality, safety and satisfaction with obtaining a good.

“Today’s consumer is looking for an exclusive and personalized shopping experience in a hyperconnected environment. Corporate digitalization not only favors the traffic in the market to continue flowing with satisfied consumers, but it has also had a significant increase in the number of claims in the business ecosystem”, comments Renzo León-Velarde, general manager of which recognizes four digital solutions to boost business and brand recognition:

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  • Electronic bill: This solution exponentially increases corporate profitability by promoting time, cost and labor optimizations. Among the benefits obtained with its implementation are the reduction of tedious large-volume documentation processes, generating agility and productivity in the company’s affairs; cost savings, reducing expenses on paper and couriers; and business prestige, reinforcing your credit history for a better position in the sector and quality of services.
  • Digital signature: Through an electronic signature, business documents have legal support and are safely stored under any business logic. Likewise, it promotes a great reduction in time and costs, since the flow of deliveries is immediate, by allowing the signature to be carried out from a totally secure platform and reduces investments in storage space, management and transfers. In this way, the digital signature increases the competitiveness and productivity of companies, facilitating document management between business areas.
  • Credit notes: It is the digital document that allows you to prove cancellations, discounts, bonuses, returns and others related to payment vouchers issued. This document reinforces a climate of trust and satisfaction towards the client, since it prevents them from managing cumbersome return procedures for a service for which payment has already been made.
  • Digital Forms: Available for the creation of all types of forms. Through multiplatform software, it is possible to digitize a large number of processes in minutes. Due to its integration with the cloud, it is possible to receive and analyze results immediately. This prevents the human team from wasting time in tabulating data and reviewing information over and over again.

In this sense, there is no doubt that technology becomes an essential tool to be able to establish efficient mechanisms in the business ecosystem, strengthening good business practices and self-regulation. In this way, business digitization strengthens essential concepts for today’s consumers, such as comfort, ease of use and the shopping or consumption experience.

In this way, the corporate revolution of electronic issuance has not only allowed the optimization of accounting and tax processes, which translate into better business results, but has also opted for the creation and practice of a cutting-edge business culture.

To this end, Digiflow, a CCL company, has consolidated innovative processes for the easy and safe adaptation of tools such as regarding the issuance and receipt of electronic invoices for enterprises at a free price for 3 months. In addition, it offers the digital signature service, through the DEL 360 system, which guarantees legitimacy, support and security in the implementation of these digital solutions.


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