MAP y Banco Mundial acuerdan apoyo reforma Administración Pública

MAP and World Bank agree to support Public Administration reform

The Ministry of Public Administration (MAP) and the World Bank (WB) they agreed on the support of the banking entity for the execution of the General Plan for the Reform and Modernization of the Public Administration (PGRMAP).

This agreement was achieved after a meeting headed by the Minister of Public Administration, Darío Castillo Lugo, accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Reform and Modernization of the MAP, Gregorio Montero, and the executive director of the Public Administration Reform and Modernization Commission, José Ramón Oviedo; while Robert Taliercio, director of Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region, was present on behalf of the World Bank; Alexandria Valerio, World Bank representative in the country, among other members of her technical team.

As explained by the Vice Minister of Reform and ModernizationAs part of the agreement, the MAP and the World Bank will work on the preparation of an investment project, whose components have already been socialized with the corresponding instances, within which is the Ministry of Finance.

Likewise, it was reported that the design of a “Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation” by the World Bank, which will be applied in the coming days, in the General Directorate of Medicines, Food and Health Products (Digemaps); This will have to do specifically with administrative procedures, under the framework of the “Sectoral Reform” that is currently being carried out.

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At the meeting, which was the first in person between the two entities, after exhausting a series of virtual meetings, Minister Castillo Lugo expressed his gratitude to the World Bank for supporting the Reform and Modernization of the Public administration.

On his side Taliercio, regional director of the World Bank, gave his positive assessment to the design of the transformation plan of the Public Administration and the way in which it has been executed and also made himself available to continue supporting, through “the pertinent”, the execution of the same.

Both entities announced that they will continue to hold follow-up meetings regarding the progress of the agreements.

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The World Bank was created in 1944 and is one of the most important sources of financing and knowledge for developing countries, it is made up of five institutions that are committed to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development.

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