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Construction of Los Pescadores Town approved

Aprueban construcción del Pueblo Los Pescadores

Las Terrenas, Samana. During the celebration of the third public hearing, representatives of the community of Las Terrenas and local authorities together with the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, agreed by unanimous vote to rebuild the Fisherman’s Village in the same place that it was when it was destroyed by fire in September of last year.

The meeting headed by the Minister of Tourism and attended by the senator for the province, Pedro Catrain, and the technical team of the Infrastructure Committee in Tourist Areas (CEIZTUR), Its main objective was the presentation of the design to be used in the work, donated by the architect Carlos Aguilar, from the international firm VGA.

Minister Collado, after listening to the opinions of representatives of associations and the community, the majority in favor of rebuilding the project on the same original land, said.

“It has been ratified by the majority, that Pueblo Los Pescadores has to be built here”, after affirming that it is the place where it was located “it is the history and essence of Las Terrenas”.

The deal attendees

In one of the interventions, the absence in the design of the color that identifies Las Terrenas was questioned, to which Minister Collado replied, “we ask the architects to add color, so that it reflects the essence of Las Terrenas.”

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The official in this regard, expressed that the design that has been made is the friendliest with the environment, and the most appropriate if we talk about culture, history and tradition.

“The reality is that we had to listen to the people, to the Minister of Environment that he had a position, and that he had to come to ratify that Pueblo Los Pescadores is going to take place here,” emphasized Minister Collado.

He reaffirmed that “getting to this beautiful tourist community of Las Terrenas It is a sign of the commitment of the Tourism Office to convert Samaná and this beach area into the unique fashion destination in the Caribbean”.

The third public hearing, held a few meters from the beach, was characterized by diverse opinions and proposals from community members and directors of neighborhood associations on aspects of the design and the future location of the project.

The senator Peter Catrain, present at the public hearing, stated that the bidding for the project will be carried out in the shortest time possible while assuring its inhabitants that they have absolute confidence that Pueblo Los Pescadores will be a reality where it was before.

The legislator praised the fame and growth that the town of Las Terrenas representing 40 nationalities in the world.

Also present at the activity was the mayor of Las Terrenas, Eduardo Esteban, who coordinated the participation of community members in the meeting.

Part of the CEIZTUR technical team, led by its director Gabriel Español, and Shaney Peña, Director of Planning and Projects (DPP), were present at Mitur.

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