Terán: matters of collective interest must be prioritized

Terán: matters of collective interest must be prioritized

The governor of the state of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán, said this Friday that the 1×10 for Good Government must prioritize immediate attention to matters of collective interest.

“That is why I support the priority established by the Executive that it be health, education, public services; like water, that they be the fundamental ones who are invited to make the corresponding reports », he said.

From the Caracas Polyhedron, the regional president pointed out that the VenApp technological tool will allow “ministers, governors and mayors to connect more directly; to articulately solve the problems of the people.

In this sense, Terán said that the 1×10 of Good Government “is a tool for the efficiency and effectiveness of government action.”

“It is also a tool to attack indolence, bureaucratism, lack of political will and corruption,” the governor added.

He noted that using the VenApp technological tool in real time “improves the people’s communication directly with the different political decision-makers at all levels.”

“It is a way for the people to present their problems and receive a direct response,” he said.

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