Congressmen deny that they are given lunch in the House of Representatives

Congressmen deny that they are given lunch in the House of Representatives

This week the president of the House of Representatives, David Raceroannounced a cut in the food budget for the more than 180 representatives: “What a shame, but the congressmen can buy their lunch. As much as they insist, I will not allocate resources from the Chamber for the lunch of 187 representatives. It is true that we are having long work sessions”.

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Racer added that “for that they pay us a salary”, for which he made a call a leave the “scoundrel”.

However, this statement did not sit well with all the congressmen, and even a group of them came out to deny that they are given resources for food, for which he asked Racero for respect.

The representative of Cambio Radical for Bogotá, Carolina Arbeláez assured that it is not true that the House of Representatives provides lunches or snacks because there is no budget for this. In that sense, he published a letter signed by spokesmen for various parties to ask for respect from the president of the Corporation.

“It is necessary to make it clear to public opinion that The corporation does not provide any of the current representatives to the House with lunches or refreshments in the commissions or plenary sessions, or in any other of its legislative activities”says the letter.

For this reason, they asked Racero to be responsible in his statements, “Since in his capacity as President of the entire corporation, he is affecting the name of the institution and of the parliamentarians that make it up.”

In this sense, they concluded by saying that they are aware of the justified demands of citizens “which we must listen to and abide by, but it is not with lies, Dr. Racero, that the long-awaited change that the country demands today will be achieved,” the letter concludes.

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Below is the letter signed by at least six spokespersons from different parties:

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