Alberto Fernández, Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba, Argentina

President of Argentina defends Cuban and Venezuelan regimes in CELAC forum

MIAMI, United States. — “We all have to work together so that the blockades end on this continent. We have two countries blocked and that is unforgivable,” said the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, on Thursday, referring to the sanctions that weigh on the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela.

The president’s words came during a forum of the Community of Latin American States (CELAC), which took place at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) and brought together representatives of 33 countries of that organization.

In his speech, Fernández said he suffered from the fact that Cuba cannot industrialize the “four or five vaccines against COVID-19” that it developed because “it lacks the financial capacity to provide health to all the peoples of the world.”

In that sense, the president blamed the embargo imposed by the United States for the economic crisis that is being experienced on the Caribbean island.

Review the news chain TN that Alberto Fernández also criticized Washington’s sanctions against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. According to the Argentine president, Venezuela is also suffering from a US blockade.

“We hope that it ends soon, that the blockade ends soon and that Venezuelans live in democracy choosing what they want,” said the president.

Fernández also celebrated the new wave of leftist governments that have come to power in Latin America, and hopes that this will allow the different countries to “make decisions together.”

“I am sure that the arrival of Gabriel Boric in Chile, the presence of Lucho Arce in Bolivia, the presence of Gustavo Petro in Colombia, the presence of Andrés Manuel (López Obrador) in Mexico, the presence of Xiomara Castro (in Honduras) It guarantees us that this is possible (…) We cannot let this opportunity pass by,” said the politician, who was also optimistic about a possible return to power of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in Brazil.

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