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Congress: they approve the list of congressmen of the new commission to elect the Ombudsman

Congress: they approve the list of congressmen of the new commission to elect the Ombudsman

Last Thursday night, the plenary session of the Congress approved the list of congressmen members of the commission that will be in charge of choosing the suitable candidates for the Ombudsman. The president of Parliament, José Williams, gave an account of the members of this working group, which is made up of benches from Fuerza Popular, Acción Popular, Bloque Magisterial, Perú Libre, among others.

With 91 in favor, 13 against and 6 abstentions, the proposal presented by representatives of the benches of people force, Free PeruPopular Action, Alliance for Progress, Magisterial Block, Popular Renovation and Avanza País.

It is worth mentioning that the list of members of the new commission includes 2 congressmen who are facing investigation for the alleged crime of criminal organization. For its part, Fuerza Popular monopolizes two quotas.

Hours before the decision was made in plenary session of the Congress, Patricia Juárez (FP), Flavio Cruz (PL), Elvis Vergara (AP), Eduardo Salhuana (APP), Álex Paredes (BM), Jorge Montoya (RP) and Adriana Tudela (AP) signed a document with the slogan of expanding the agenda to “report the payroll of the special commission for the selection of candidates or candidates for the election of the Ombudsman.” It is necessary to indicate that the signatories are members of the Board of Spokespersons of the Legislature.

List of congressmen of the new commission

Photo: Wilber Huacasi

Popular Renovation presented a project to lower votes for the election of defender

On January 4, the Popular Renovation bench presented a constitutional reform project in order to reduce the votes needed for the election of the Ombudsman.

Currently, the selection of the defender has a high fence of 87 votes, which is why a high consensus is required between the parliamentary groups. Alejandro Muñante proposes to reduce from 87 to only 78.

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