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They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for “vulgarity” and “sexism” in a TV program

Telefuturo’s television show “Leyendas Urbanas”, from Telefuturo is white, is strongly criticized for its sexist and vulgar content. The visit of the farandulera Soledad Cardozo was not to the liking of the public who pointed to the presenter Luis Bareiro, calling him once again “sexist” and “machirulo”.

In its most recent broadcast, the night program on Channel 4, hosted by Luis Bareiro, Santiago González and Fito Cabralhad a visit from the driver Carlos Ortellado and the driver Soledad Cardozo. The presence of the second excited not only its presenters, but also the public, but not in a good way.

True to his provocative style, Cardozo appeared with a fairly pronounced neckline and from beginning to end he played with eroticism and sexuality, being his main “target”, Luis Bareiro, who “dislodged” and let himself be seen as never before, smiling and few words

Soledad gave an intimate garment as a production slogan to bring a “gift”, giving it to the journalist. He took her and tied her around the face of a Hulk doll on the set. “You have to use the mask again”.

“This I used just the day before yesterday”mentioned the showbiz. “Bravo, this is the cabal of Urban Legends for this year”Cabral stated for his part, while Ortellado asserted: “For the next guests, she set the bar very high”.

Subsequently, Luis untied the undergarment and brought it closer to Cardozo again, so that he could put his signature on it.

At another time, Soledad started a “seduction” game with Bareiro: “They told me to get comfortable but you are very far from me”He launched. “You are sleeping Sole”Luis responded and then gave way to the aforementioned response: “Because you are far from me. I need you close to me.

The also presenter of the Meridiano Informativo tried to avoid the comment by saying that he is usually found in the corridors of the radio stations where they work and he added: “I told the truth, we meet every day”.

With a nervous laugh, Luis said: “Sole has to do a spicy talk show, he knows how to play with the theme of eroticism, she is very cunninghe is not going to deliver anything but he is there fucking ”.

The radio operator said that she would love to do a program like this and for him to be one of the first guests. She then asked him what her sexual fantasy is, upsetting the journalist for the second time.

They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for "vulgarity" and "sexism" in a TV program

They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for "vulgarity" and "sexism" in a TV program

All this was left as a result of a large number of comments of repudiation from the audience that made itself felt on social networks with different arguments. On the one hand, there were those who refer to a rejection of vulgarity by Cardozo’s expressions and “his gift of him” from him to the drivers, as well as using the doll, a child’s game, to tie the female garment.

On the other, the markedly sexist content in the interview, mainly in Bareiro, completely departing from his progressive and respectful discourse that he promotes both in the informative spaces he conducts and in his social networks.

They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for "vulgarity" and "sexism" in a TV program

They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for "vulgarity" and "sexism" in a TV program

They criticize Telefuturo and Luis Bareiro for "vulgarity" and "sexism" in a TV program

This is not the first time that the journalist has been criticized and branded as sexist. In 2022 an interview with parliamentarians Celestial Yellow Y Kattya Gonzalezwas a trend on Twitter after several questions about his approach.

It should be noted that Luis and Fito have as channel and radio partners journalists and presenters strongly rooted in feminism such as Menchi Barriocanal, Estela Ruiz Diaz, Y Patricia Vargasfor which several Internet users wonder about their opinion regarding the performance of their colleagues in said broadcast.

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