Conep asks the international community to intervene in the Haitian problem

Conep asks the international community to intervene in the Haitian problem

The president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), Pedro Brache, He asked the international community to intervene on the situation in Haiti on Tuesday.

In his view, the solution to the crisis in the neighboring country must emerge through this community.

“Definitely the situation in Haiti has been getting worse, what we hope is that the international community turns its gaze towards Haiti and that in some way it helps to resolve this situation,” he added.

When approached by journalists at the presentation of the book “Now that I can tell it … Memories II”, authored by Monsignor Agripino Nuñez, Brache said: “We believe that this is a solution that has to come from that community, the international community”.

Brache stressed that the instability and insecurity that has been generated in Haiti has caused that from being one of the main commercial partners, it is currently in third place.

“That instability and insecurity that exists in Haiti causes formal trade to weaken. Obviously there is an informal trade, but that is not what we want, because that is detrimental to both countries, “he said.

Brache indicated that they want Haiti to regain its security and order, so the international community must act in that regard.

Regarding the increase in the price of the electricity tariff, Brache pointed out that the current one is “quite small.”

He pointed out that he expects electricity companies to be increasingly efficient so that the increased cost does not have to be passed on.

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