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Conciliation Week mobilizes courts across the country

From November 7th to 11th, courts across the country will be mobilized for the National Conciliation Week, an initiative of the National Council of Justice (CNJ). The proposal of this 17th edition is to concentrate efforts in several spheres of the Judiciary – state, federal and work – to conciliate the largest possible number of processes. This year’s theme is Less Conflict and More Beginnings.Conciliation Week mobilizes courts across the country

During 2021, more than 1.9 million conciliation hearings were held and more than 24.6 million judgments were signed. During the Conciliation Week period, around 90,000 hearings were held, with 533,161 sentences.

Each court selects the cases with the possibility of agreement and summons the parties involved to seek a solution to the conflict. “The guiding principles of the resolution are informality, simplicity, procedural economy, celerity, orality and procedural flexibility”, explains the council. Anyone interested in participating can apply directly to the courts.

But National Conciliation Week is not the only time when the population can seek mediation to resolve conflicts. The Judicial Centers for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship (Cejusc) are spaces to streamline processes and often avoid judicialization.

Among the issues that can be resolved in these hearings are conflicts involving condominium expenses, debts in general, lease contracts, neighborhood law, consumer law, collections, regulation or dissolution of a stable union, custody, alimony and visit regulation, between others.

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