Conaie radicalizes its position and joins attempts to remove the President from office

Conaie radicalizes its position and joins attempts to remove the President from office

The indigenous organization subscribes to the conjectures of the report of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission. In addition, without proof, he accuses Lasso of being an accomplice in the evasion of the main economic groups.

Through a statement, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) radicalizes its position and joins UNES and Pachakutik, which through the report of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission, seek the removal of the President of the Republic, William Lasso.

«If the lord William Lasso Mendoza did not observe the ethical pact approved in popular consultation, so he is prohibited from exercising his public office due to his links with shell companies established in paradises prosecutors«, Says the statement

Also, the indigenous organization embarks on the theory of shock internal, which paves the way to justify the departure of the first president.

«The bond of Guillermo Lasso with the Pandora Papers it only adds to an already existing situation of crisis and social upheaval that Ecuador is going through due to multiple crises, “the statement said.

Accusations without evidence

The Conaie he even accuses the spokesmen of the government to defend the “legitimacy of evading taxes”; and it reminds them that the resources hidden in tax havens are “a robbery of society as a whole.”

«It is a shame that while the Executive try to justify the tax evasion of one of the presidents wealthiest in history; at the same time heralds the lack of resources for the Proforma Budgeting 2021, which takes $ 291 million from health and $ 278 million from education. These resources are lacking because financial and economic groups evade taxes, ”says the indigenous organization.

Even without presenting any proof, the Conaie denounces that the president Lasso it would have made it easier to hide capital from clients of other economic groups. This, despite the current government He has not been in power for six months and, instead of loosening controls, he has strengthened them by promoting the Large Taxpayers Unit within the Services from Rents Internal (SRI)

«Only if William Lasso and the 270 economic groups paid a minimum tax of 2% of their income – as was the case with microentrepreneurs – at least $ 1,306 million additional dollars would be collected, enough not to make cuts. But economic groups pay up to 1% of their income because they use tax havens to hide their wealth, underestimate their profits or overvalue their costs and declare less income tax, “the statement denounced.

However, Gonzalo Beltrán, a tax attorney, questioned those assertions and considered them without any support. Thus, if the public records and databases of the Internal Revenue Service (SRI), large economic groups pay, on average, 8.6% taxes (income, VAT, ISD among others) on your income.

«The report of the Commission from Guarantee Constitutional it is a sum of suppositions and hints; but nothing is proven of what should be investigated. The document is badly written and only seeks to generate doubts, without specifying evidence, “he said.

Beltrán said that, according to the commission, the main evidence of evasion is that there is a difference between Lasso’s tax payments as a natural person equivalent to 34.48 percent of his income; while the Bank from Guayaquil, on average, they pay a little more 3% on theirs.

“That is perfectly normal, and it only shows the ignorance of the assembly members who endorsed the report. The same public records of the SRI establish that, between 2002 and 2020, Lasso paid $ 17,805,250.12 in income tax; that is, an average of almost $ 900,000 annually«, He added.

Despite all that, the Conaie concludes its statement emphasizing that the linking of Guillermo Lasso Mendoza with tax havens has serious consequences.

«It is a moral duty of all Ecuadorians, Ecuadorians and authorities to take the sanction measures that are necessary in the case of Pandora Papers. This would help to begin to transform the current financial and fiscal conditions that allow the enormous and inhumane social injustice that our peoples are experiencing, ”the organization emphasizes.

Cabinet backs Lasso

Through an official statement, the Ministerial Cabinet President Lasso expressed his rejection of the report prepared by the majority of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission of the National Assembly.

It is claimed that this document supports the false hypothesis that the President did not observe the ethical pact approved in the Referendum of 2017.

«That group of assembly members. led by correísmo. It prepared a document without legal support or logical arguments, with which it intends to ensure that an alleged grounds for the removal of the President had been established. according to article 130 number 2 of the Constitution of the Republic, due to a serious political crisis and internal commotion “, the ministers point out.

Furthermore, they consider that their «coup intentionality«Correísmo and its allies intend to obviate the norms that empower the Comptroller to audit compliance with the Law for the Application of the Query Popular of 2017, the laws to verify compliance with tax obligations provided for in the Tax Code and even the impeachment procedure provided for in the Constitution.

«In this context, we call for the Assembly National so that you dismiss this report as absurd. inconsistent and only useful for destabilizing and coup interests. We also value the position of various political sectors, which despite being opposed to the government’s line. They are not willing to lend themselves to the democratic breakdown of the country, ”the cabinet claims.

Finally, a call for dialogue and consensus is made again because the country needs answers to the economic and social crisis; and citizens demand opportunities and a suitable environment to work in peace.

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