Comptroller's office intervenes at the local government of Junín  [VIDEO]

Comptroller’s office intervenes at the local government of Junín [VIDEO]

The together with the Comptroller’s Office and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Officein merit of the collection of information on an inter-institutional agreement for two million-dollar works that reach almost 200 million soles.

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According to the Comptroller’s Office, the Junín Regional Government signed two Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreements with Industrial Services of the Navy (SIMA Peru) for the construction of the “Comuneros II” bridge that connects the provinces of Huancayo and Chupaca for more than S / 148 million .

In addition, it also contracted with Sima Peru for the expansion and improvement of the “Norway” bridge in the Perené district of the Chanchamayo province for the amount of S / 40 million.

The compilation of information is carried out as part of the compliance audit carried out by the Comptroller’s Office through the Junín Regional Control Management and the GORE Junín OCI and will allow establishing the existence or not of irregularities in the agreements signed between the GORE Junín and SIMA Peru and its managers.

The audit for the work of the bridge “Comuneros II” is scheduled to be issued on January 18, 2022, while the audit for the work of the bridge “Norway” could be given in the second half of February 2022.

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