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Complaint of “easy trigger”: police woman would have shot another driver at close range

A new case of “easy trigger” would have been registered yesterday in the Remanso Bridge, with the victim of a driver who was threatened by a plainclothes police. The woman fired at close range with her regulation weapon, according to the complaint.

This Tuesday in the afternoon there was an incident at the head of the Remanso Bridge that involved two motorists, including a woman who works for the National Police.

Luis Fernando Riveros, complainant, told GEN/Nación Media that he and his partner were returning from the Chaco area bound for Asunción when a truck that was going the same way forced them to lie down and, when they were going to try to return to their lane , had a brush with another vehicle, which was driven by this agent.

“I asked him before to give us way because they were going to pass me over. She didn’t say anything to me, so we had to go in and speed up and brush up against the girl, to which she reacts by pulling the gun out of her and shooting,” she mentioned.

According to his account, at one point in the discussion the woman took out her service weapon, despite being in civilian clothes, and pointed it at his face, firing a shot that fortunately did not hit him or his companion, who he was able to move seconds before, thus avoiding being hit by the bullet.

After this event, the uniformed woman went to take refuge in the 8th Police Station in Remansito, from where she did not leave again throughout the night. The police officers stationed in said unit would have even tried to cover up her comrade, according to Riveros.

The excuse they gave her when she went to make the complaint is that the woman did not take out a firearm but rather her cell phone, trying to deny what happened.

The Prosecutor’s Office is already aware of the fact and opened a formal investigation to follow up on the complaint.

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