Minister Alejandro Salas on the intention to change the Constitution: "It will be up to Congress to evaluate it"

Minister Salas: constitutional complaint against Dina Boluarte is due to a political strategy

The Minister of Culture, was pronounced after the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations (SAC) approved the qualification report that declares the constitutional complaint against the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion admissible, .

The member of the ministerial cabinet pointed out that the accusation against the also vice president of the Republic is due to a political strategy by Congress to weaken the Government.

What is intended by trying to disqualify her is that the country be left without a vice president (…) It obeys a political strategy, that is absolutely clear. We cannot say or show another situation like this if we wanted to because what is intended is to weaken the Executive Branch from one angle or another”, he indicated in dialogue with Canal N.

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In that sense, Salas asserted that the most important thing in the Congress of the Republic is not the legal and constitutional foundations that are presented, but the votes that they have to make a decision against Boluarte Zegarra.

Now a reason has been found that, for me, is absolutely unfounded from a legal and constitutional point of view. However, what prevails in the Congress of the Republic are not the legal and constitutional arguments, but what prevails are the votes“, held.

The subject of Mrs. Boluarte is surely naive, surely it could have been avoided so as not to generate these interpretations that are harming her constitutionally speaking. Disqualifying a person from holding public office is a very sensitive issue. You are putting a person out of a job, be it five or ten years”, he added.

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Approve qualification report

This Tuesday, the subcommission gave the green light to the report that contains two complaints against Minister Dina Boluarte, which were presented after the Comptroller’s report was made public, indicating that the official would have incurred an infraction to article 126 of the Constitution. This for having signed documents as president of the Apurímac Departmental Club, despite her position as minister.

Said document declares the constitutional complaint 269 of the congresswomen admissible. Norma Yarrow, adriana tudela Y Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País) for alleged violation of articles 38 and 126 of the Magna Carta and the alleged crimes of omission, refusal or delay of functional acts, and incompatible negotiation or improper use of position.

The green light was also given to the constitutional complaint 268 of the congressman Javier Padilla Romero (Popular Renovation) against Boluarte for alleged infringement of article 126 of the Constitution.


CONSTITUTIONAL COMPLAINT admitted against Dina Boluarte The Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of Congress admitted as appropriate the complaint against the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, for having made arrangements in a departmental club when she was a State official. We spoke with the president of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations, Congresswoman Rosío Torres. Bruno Pacheco has been on the run for 77 days and mocks the PNP on social media by posting about the Peru-Australia match. In addition, Pedro Castillo appointed as head of the Dirin a general whom he promoted and who entered the Government Palace before being promoted.

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