Mayín Correa: ‘I am a Martinellist; I don’t know Rómulo, he hasn’t done anything, just steal someone else’s game’

Without seeds in the language and directly, the deputy Mayín Correa referred to the verdict of the Court of Honor and Discipline of Democratic Change (CD) that ordered the expulsion and revocation of the mandate of 15 dissident deputies-among them-she, for not follow the line of that group.

She emphatically declared: “I am not a subversive, it is clear that I do not hide it nor am I hiding there; I am a friend of Mr. Martinelli and the day it is launched I am going to support him and I am going to be with him, I am going to fight so that be president again, I say it a thousand times wherever I want, and I say it to Rómulo himself… I’m a Martinellista, if I don’t know Rómulo, I’ve seen him once in seven years”.

Correa asked himself: Why support Rómulo? What has Rómulo done? To which she herself replies: “nothing, steal someone else’s game”.

She stated that they have been branded as “traitors” and “subversives”, however, the deputy asserts that they practically have no party and acknowledged that the 15 dissidents want to join in supporting Martinelli in his group Realizing Goals.

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The also excalcadesa capital, commented that they (the 15 deputies) were not allowed at any time to present evidence to defend themselves and the Court of Honor and Discipline of CD rejected them.

“They are acting against the Constitution. With this decision of Cambio Democrático there are countless violations of the law, it is totally illegal. Article 154 of the Constitution says that deputies cannot be prosecuted for our vote or position within of the plenary, and another article says that when there is a contradiction between what the Constitution says and the Laws, there is an article in the Procedural Code that then refers to the Constitution, because the Constitution is above the Laws, and Cambio Democrático does not know that “, he explained.

He specified that they are being tried for two cases at the same time, “you cannot carry out or carry out processes, two causes at the same time; you have to prosecute or accuse for one cause and then for the other, not at the same time.”

He affirmed that this process that has been carried out by Cambio Democrático is a chain of illegalities, of violations of the Constitution, the Laws, and the Electoral Code.

“This is political and I have experience in being judged politically, using the laws to annoy you politically. This for me is apolitical because I don’t see any party voting for its members who take their votes,” Correa remarked.

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