Community members from Palo Alto in Santiago wait for school

Community members from Palo Alto in Santiago wait for school

Community members from the northern mountain range in this city of Santiago made a call this Sunday to the competent authorities to fulfill the promise of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinaderand the construction of a high school and a health services center begins.

They expressed their request at a meeting held in the church of the Palo Alto community, where the priest and community leader of the area, Nino Ramos, was present, who has led other demands for solutions to problems in the town, such as the highway that connects them with the city.

They pointed out that during the last visit of President Luis Abinader in the Palo Alto community, when the “La Búcara” rural electrification project was inaugurated in June of this year, the community members, represented by Nino Ramos, asked the president to build an educational center and a polyclinicwhich was approved by the president.

However, they indicated that months after receiving the positive response from the Government, there are still no indications that the requested works will begin.

“The president, when he spoke and granted them, during his visit to La Búcara, the following week I went to the capital and requested an interview with the Minister of Education, the previous one (Roberto Furcal), and gave him all the documentation of what that was being requested, and he signed and approved the request,” explained the religious Nino Ramos.

The inhabitants of dozens of communities in the Cordillera Septentrional do not have a health center and must travel long distances to obtain medical services.

Currently, there are a total of 111 elementary and middle school students and they are taught in a small school (Teodoro Parra) with seven classrooms, in a wooden building with a zinc roof, which is rented at a cost of 28,000 pesos per month.

The previous building of the school had leaks and cracks, when the structure was affected by earth tremors, it was demolished, but for years they have continued their struggle to have a new one built schoolsaid the director of the school Theodore Parra.

“We received some materials to make some repairs to the school and make it pretty, the school year has already started,” said the educator.

The land to build the school and the polyclinic they are still in the process of being identified and acquired by the State.

Some of the mountain communities that would benefit from the construction of the school and the polyclinic They are: Palo Alto, La Finca, El Cedro, El Jamo, La Caya, La Cumbre, Los Higos, La Búcara, El Empalme.

These rural communities belong to the municipal district of San Francisco de Jacagua, in the northern part of Santiago.

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