Communal directorates of the DC ask to expel Rincón, Walker, Chahin and Aedo from the party

The communal directorates of the Christian Democracy (DC) asked in a letter to expel the senators from the parties Ximena Rincon Y Matthias Walkerto the exconventional Fuad Chahin and the deputy Eric Aedo. This, due to the support they gave to the Rejection in the face of the constitutional plebiscite, an option contrary to that defined by the National Board.

In a letter addressed to the National Board of Directors of the party, the National Council and the Supreme Court of the community, the 152 signatories indicated that “it is not possible to accept that those who at a transcendent moment in the life of the country opted for an alternative other than the democratically and legitimately decided by the party and, furthermore, actively and publicly worked against it, may continue to call themselves Christian Democrats”.

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“No self-respecting party can accept a fact of this gravity. Of course, this has nothing to do with freedom of conscience that, as defined by the JN, is personal and is exercised in the secrecy of the ballot box” , they complemented.

Along these lines, they requested that “measures be taken so that the militants Eric Aedo, Ximena Rincón, Matías Walker and Fuad Chaín are expelled from the Party and immediately suspended from their status as militants. This last measure should be extended to all all those who made their option for Rejection public knowledge”.

In the letter they also requested that the members of the National Board of Directors who actively worked for the Rejection, “especially in the case of two vice presidents” (referring to joanna perez Y Gianni Rivera), “immediately abandon their duties to avoid further damage to the Party they claim to represent,” they said.

They also required the National Directorate “to take initiative and actively participate in laying the foundations for the new constituent process.”

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