Rádio Nacional presents radionovela A Corrida do Ouro

Rádio Nacional presents radionovela A Corrida do Ouro

To commemorate the centenary of the first radio broadcast in Brazil, celebrated this September 7, the National Radio rescues the emotion of radio soap operas and presents, on the date, listeners with an original work from the public broadcaster preserved in its valuable collection: The Gold Rush.Rádio Nacional presents radionovela A Corrida do Ouro

The radio drama production goes on air at 21:00. In addition to enjoying the episodes on the schedule from Monday to Friday, the audience has the opportunity to listen to the story in podcast on digital platforms. The classic is available at Spotifyat the YouTube and not site gives National Radio.

With 72 chapters and originally presented in 1985, the plot follows a love story marked by the dispute for a possible millionaire inheritance. Romance, lies, ambition and murder are some of the elements present in the plot.

The fiction, written by Rodrigues Aguiar, has about 20 minutes per episode. Narrated by Aurélio de Andrade, the radio soap opera The Gold Rush reveals the conflicts over the inheritance that the dying Osmar (Nilton Narros) must leave to his daughter Lídia (Maralize), a situation that divides the family.

Raised in a boarding school, the naive young woman will be easy prey for unscrupulous men who approach with the aim of winning her over and taking a hit from the chest. Strong characters deal with the challenges of their trajectories, in a work in which love can emerge even in the face of so much confusion.

Valuing historical content

Recovered from the original media in the format of audio tapes on a roll, the work is part of the heritage of Brazil Communication Company (EBC) that manages the National Radio. The rare and exclusive content preserved was digitized by the company’s technical staff.

The initiative recognizes the importance of the vehicle in the week that marks the 100th anniversary of the first radio broadcast in the country. To value the historic date and honor the golden age of radio, the National takes to the air all the charm of the radio soap operas preserved in the collection.

In December 2021, the station reformulated the programming and launched a track dedicated to radio soap operas with the re-premiere of the classic The Seer and the Con artist (1980), in prime time, at 9 pm. Amaral Gurgel’s work is available on the digital platforms of National Radio. listen here.

Since August, another production by the same author opens a new session dedicated to radio dramaturgy. The historic plot “Poronga, Terçado e Coragem” (1979) is on the air from Monday to Friday, at 6 pm, on Nacional. In addition to programming, the content can still be checked on the broadcaster’s networks.


Entertainment, sport, chat and news are some of the contents that are on the air National Radio. The musical tracks on the program bring national genres and honor stars who are successful in the new MPB and in the pop contemporary music, in addition to the classics of Brazilian music.

Personalities of the new generation that mobilize the public on digital platforms of streaming gain space in attractions and in the selection of radio songs. The strategy of strengthening the broadcaster’s digital presence is another initiative to increase the relationship with its audiences and reach new listeners. For that, the National is on Instagram and intensifies broadcasts on YouTube.

The radio is also present in the Spotify with the profile National Radio. Fans can hear new playlists with the contents of the broadcaster’s programs. Public participation is ensured through social networks and WhatsApp.

Wideband network transmissions

The consolidation of the network National Radio is one of the achievements that mark the last few years. In addition to the traditional 96.1 MHz FM frequency in Brasília, the station is present in other Brazilian capitals, in the so-called extended band.

THE National it is on FM 87.1 MHz, in Rio de Janeiro, which is still on AM, and on the same tune in São Paulo and Recife. The radio is also present on the 93.7 MHz FM dial in São Luís. The contents go on the air in a network and the EBC intends to expand its reach with expansion to other capitals.


radio soap opera The Gold Rushat National Radio

Premiere – Wednesday, 7/9 at 9pm

Broadcast: Monday to Friday at 21:00

National Radio on the internet and social networks

site: https://radios.ebc.com.br/radionacional

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radionacionalbr

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/vpj3k8ogjwf1nkv4nap3tlruv

YouTube: http://youtube.com/radionacionalbr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radionacionalbr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/radionacionalbr

WhatsApp – (61) 99674-1536

Learn how to tune in to Radio Nacional

Brasilia: FM 96.1 MHz and AM 980 Khz

Rio de Janeiro: FM 87.1 MHz and AM 1130 kHz

Sao Paulo: FM 87.1 MHz

Recife: FM 87.1 MHz

Sao Luis: FM 93.7 MHz

Amazonas: 11,780KHz and 6,180KHz OC

Alto Solimões: FM 96.1 MHz

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