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‘Commandments’ to keep in mind to hire employees in 2022

'Commandments' to keep in mind to hire employees in 2022

The world of work has changed a lot in recent times and it has become necessary for companies to update their recruitment processes to face the challenges that the labor market faces in terms of search and selection of personnel.

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Among those challenges that must be solved are getting more candidates for vacancies, filtering resumes faster, improving the quality of processes, reducing turnover and being more productive in the selection work.

To lend a hand in this regard, the human resources accelerator Talentu released the 12 ‘commandments’ that a company must follow to hire employees during this year.


It is about the value proposition of a company towards the workers. But beyond believing that it is simply about making a website, it is a strategic aspect of how the brand is communicated to that website. potential talent. For example, one of the main complaints from candidates is that they are never told if they have passed the process or not, which inevitably affects the reputation of the employer’s brand.


This new trend received a huge boost thanks to the restrictions generated by the covid-19 pandemic. And it is that seven out of 10 companies in Latin America will adopt a model that combines face-to-face and remote work, according to a recent survey by Telefónica Hispam. However, a person who has an available and adequate space in their home is not the same as one who does not, which is why a good atmosphere so be it from home.


Although companies often refer to values, in reality it is the habits, routines and rituals that truly build the culture of a company. Saying hello and goodbye, whether in the company chat or in the office, for example, is the easiest way to start doing it. And that construction is essential today because it helps define the employer brand.

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While automation replaces manual processes and allows, among other things, to publish a job offer on a single platform and distribute it to 10 job boards with a click, Artificial Intelligence simulates human processes that make it easier to filter many resumes through algorithms that look for different types of patterns. Thus, these two technologies allow to reduce to only 4 hours a task that before could take more than 25 hours.


It is a model in which the human resources areas they can continuously work to keep vacancies and fill them faster. Although turnover can have many causes, it is necessary to better understand how the company works and why people leave in order to make decisions for improvement.


One of the current recruitment problems is the difficulty of finding human talent with the required skills. Therefore, before the potential candidate enter the organization, it is necessary to identify skills gaps that can be filled thanks to training and ‘upskilling’ (teaching the worker new skills).


The aim is to measure how many reached each of the subsequent stages of the selection process. In recruitment marketing you have to understand what the channels, efficiencies and costs are.

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The key is to make the entire process digital and have all the information in one place. The trend is to have the automated relationship through digital channels that allow scaling and take candidates to the employer brand page.


Unlike operational positions where many resumes arrive and are difficult to filter, the talent networking strategy is working very well especially in companies that are looking for technology-related positions, where there is not enough talent.

Recruiting proactively means creating networks of talent that allow the continuation of relationship with a candidate who did not pass the process and monitor his professional evolution so that in six months or a year we can hire him. It is very important to generate a good experience in the process because, otherwise, that person will not want to present himself again.


A recruitment process does not have to be a bad experience for the candidate. In the different stages of the candidate life cycle, it is very important to measure and understand what is happening in order to improve that experience. Beyond developing a omnichannel communicationwhose content must generate value, transparency is essential, that is, how a company gives evidence of the status and evolution of the process to a candidate.

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Remote recruiting is here to stay. It is not only very convenient for the candidate because they do not have to travel, but also for the recruiter because they can streamline those processes and fill a vacancy faster. It is key to have technological tools to facilitate these processes, but also to improve them.


Diversity and inclusion is not just about hiring men and women equally, but about having talent from different races, places, cultures and religions.


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