Coming soon to Cuba Si, teacher Amalia

This week we had the luxury of receiving Clarita García, the young actress who has fallen in love with more than half of Cuba with her interpretation of teacher Amalia in the television series Calendar, which is broadcast on Sundays on the Cubavisión channel.

Coming soon to Cuba Si, teacher Amalia

Among the topics of the dialogue was how much there is of her in Amalia and vice versa. The answer was not needed to discover that, in real life, she is as sweet, kind and affectionate as in the character written by Amilcar Salatti. But did she have an equally turbulent adolescence? What other points in common do you have? You can find out all of this if you keep abreast of the interview in text and video that will be very soon in the Cuba Si exclusive.

Coming soon to Cuba Si, teacher Amalia

It turns out that Clarita is as good a conversationalist as she is an actress, so we had a great time in these minutes where we went through her experience with the first season of Calendar and even some advances on the second installment that is already being prepared. We also talk about the theater, a language that Clarita is passionate about in the same way that Amalia is about literature.

The invitation is made: next week in Cuba Si, exclusive interview with Clarita García, professor Amalia from Calendar. When you listen to her, you will end up admiring this young and talented Cuban actress even more.

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