CoDi® makes it easy, fast and safe to pay or collect in your business

CoDi® makes it easy, fast and safe to pay or collect in your business

Micro, small and medium-sized companies represent 99.8% of all establishments in the country. These can be a grocery store, a restaurant, a food delivery service, a point of sale or a digital business (via e-commerce), for which CoDi® represents a great option.

It is a digital payment service developed by the Bank of Mexico that consists of a system to pay and collect in a simple, safe and fast way. And that also does not generate commissions for the buyer or the seller.

All it takes is for a business owner to apply for their badge CoDi® filling out a form on the official website. And thus, customers will be informed that the business accepts this form of payment that will facilitate their transactions.

To use CoDi®it is only necessary to look for the icon in the mobile application of the financial institution of choice and generate or scan a QR code.

CoDi® to collect

to collect with CoDi® it is only necessary to have an account with a financial institution and the application –that allows sending collection messages– or use the application CoDi® from Banxico.

When entering the application of the financial institution, you must select charge with CoDi®, indicate the amount to be charged (or generate a CoDi® without amount for the person making the payment to enter the amount to be paid), the concept, a numerical reference and showing the QR code to the person who is going to pay. Also, charge with CoDi® does not generate commissions.

CoDi® to pay

Paying with CoDi® is free, in addition to the fact that transfers on this digital payment platform can be made in person or remotely. To make a payment, customers only have to open the mobile application of their financial institution, scan the QR code provided, verify the transaction data and authorize the payment. Previously you need to have validated the account CoDi® (this should be done only once).

A) Yes, CoDi® represents a new system of payments with immediate transfers contributes to saving time, which can also be made at any time of the day and throughout the year. Which not only saves time, but is also more convenient and simple.

Among the establishments in which it is possible to use the platform are: Coppel, Chedraui, Telcel, La Comer, Telmex, Sanborns, Tiendas 3B, Soriana, Farmacias del Ahorro, RadioShack, Intercompras and Office Depot.

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