CoDi®, increasingly present in everyday life

CoDi®, increasingly present in everyday life

But CoDi® goes further, said the manager at Banxico. It allows you to substitute the use of cash, but also to identify other financial needs of people. For example, if they require a credit, knowing their payment characteristics to identify if they can be an adequate credit subject. It is based on the main action that we all do at some point (pay) but the idea is to reach the first level of the financial pyramid, to scale up in accessible financial services for the entire population.

Available in all Android stores, the CoDi® Banxico application for charging is user-friendly and simple. It offers great benefits to businesses that use it, as it represents a great payment method, which includes exchanges between devices, from scanning QR codes and without commissions, making it a powerful platform for users.

At a constant rate, the use of CoDi® has been growing in the Mexican population, increasingly as a platform that helps to solve from transactions of less than 200 pesos – recharging the public transport card, for example – to making transfers to family members. and friends, or pay a bill at a grocery store or restaurant.

CoDi® emerged in September 2019, almost exactly at the time when digital means of payments would be most required, since just a few months later the restrictions due to confinement derived from the pandemic began. Throughout this time it has grown steadily, both in users and in points that offer it for receiving payments, a trend that will continue as the next phase of its expansion passes, which promises to reach neighborhood businesses, tianguis, cologne markets and other small business formats.

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