CNSS: Fondo Hoteles devolverá aportes

CNSS: Hotel Fund will return contributions

Santo Domingo.- The National Council of Social Security (CNSS), through resolution No. 543-04, reiterates that the contributing members of the Hotel Fund that are in the Distribution System are returned or transferred the contributions made.

This provision of the governing body of the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) recognizes the acquired rights of thousands of workers who contributed to the fund.

The resolution establishes that each case be evaluated individually, according to its particularities, leaving the term open until the process is completed.

In addition, it instructs the Hotel Fund to submit a quarterly report to the CNSS with the situation.
The CNSS makes a call to the contributing members of the Hotel Fund, who are pending the return of their contributions, so that they go through the offices of the aforementioned Fund, where they will formally fill out their request for the return of contributions, according to the form they have for such ends.

The applicant will submit to the evaluation and investigation provided by the fund and will provide the necessary evidence to verify rights.

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