Chumbivilcas and Hudbay Peru renew commitments for the benefit of the communities

After completing a dialogue process with the broad participation of different actors, the mining company Hudbay Peru and They agreed to renew the commitments included in a Framework Agreement that will contribute to the development of the communities in the area.

The main agreements signed through an addendum by representatives of the mining company, local authorities, community leaders and social leaders, include the following points:

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  • Hudbay Peru is committed to making a maximum contribution of up to 9 million soles, which will be distributed equally among the eight district municipalities of Chumbivilcas, including the town of Pulpera Condes.
  • The province of Chumbivilcas will be able to dispose of 2,300,000 soles to ensure the return to classes in 2022. Of this amount, 2 million soles will be used to restart classes, while the additional 300,000 soles will be used to finance the acquisition of sanitary kits. and biosafety, in coordination with the health authority.
  • Hudbay Peru will support the provincial municipality of Chumbivilcas, as well as the district municipalities, with the necessary logistical support so that they can manage the execution of profiles and/or files previously developed with the financing of the mining company before public entities.
  • Hudbay Peru will propose to the Management Committee of the Framework Agreement a procedure for the issue of local employment, as long as the district municipalities provide a database of existing professionals and technicians. Likewise, it will implement a pre-professional internship program, lasting three months, on a rotating basis.

Santo Tomas Hospital

The province of Chumbivilcas agreed to prioritize the execution of the project “Improvement and expansion of the health services of the Santo Tomás hospital”, a work in which Hudbay will contribute to carrying out the necessary steps so that the competent entities authorize its execution.

Hudbay Peru welcomes the renewal of the addendum to the Framework Agreement, the result of a concerted effort that promotes strategic alliances to manage capacities, resources and skills for the benefit of communities. The progress of the agreement may be known through transparency mechanisms that the mining company will soon make available to the public.


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