Chronicle |  Elevated Trolleybus opens its doors with outdated hype and cymbal

Chronicle | Elevated Trolleybus opens its doors with outdated hype and cymbal

At 5 a.m., the Elevated Trolleybus began operations under the supervision of the director of the Electric Transport Service (STE), Martín López Delgado, from the Acahualtepec station.

At that time, few users knew that they could already use the service, but as the morning progressed, the passengers showed up.

Although there was no announcement about the free service, staff from the Ministry of Mobility and the police officers assigned to guard the stations were in charge of informing users. “Come in, today is free,” said the uniformed men.

Once inside the stations, users looked everywhere in order to learn about each part of the new service and did not miss the opportunity to take out their phone to take pictures, videos and even notify their WhatsApp groups that it was already available. the service.

Florentina was one of the first people to use the Elevated Trolleybus. When she got off at the Constitución de 1917 station, she could not help raising her hand, greeting and expressing her approval of the new service.

“Very good, it’s very good, this is a father, very nice, we are happy, very excited,” he said.

Servando said that one of the advantages of this service is the significant reduction in the journey through the Ermita Iztapalapa road, since traffic lights and vehicular junctions will be left behind, as it is an elevated lane exclusively for this type of transport.

“During peak hours I spent up to an hour on the avenue and now I spent 12 or 15 minutes, removing the microbuses will even give fluidity to the traffic in Ermita and that is excellent because sometimes we went by car and there was a lot of traffic” , he pointed.

Josefa Martínez said that after finding out that the service was already available, she did not hesitate to leave her house and be one of the first users.

“It is that about a month and a half ago the head of government (Claudia Sheinbaum) and the mayor (Clara Brugada) came and inaugurated, but it has not been put into operation until now, but it was worth it because it is very good, we already had the Cablebús, but now this benefits us a lot”, said the older adult when leaving the Papalotl station.

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