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The discovery of the remains that could be of a six-year-old boy who disappeared a month ago, in the Colombian department of Antioquia, continues to cause commotion in the South American country due to the alleged link between his family and the torture and death of the little boy in the midst of a spiritism ritual.

The case of Maximiliano Tabares Caro has kept Colombians on edge since his disappearance was reported. Throughout the investigation, authorities perceived a series of inconsistencies that finally led them to find the supposed body of the infant, who would have been buried in a village in the village of Cuturú Alto, in the Antioquia municipality of Segovia.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office published on its Twitter account the images of the exhumation process, in which the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) and members of the Army participated.

It is expected that in the next few hours Legal Medicine will perform an autopsy and determine whose remains are.

Maximilian Tabares Caro

Although the information is not official, the governor of Antioquia, Aníbal Gaviria, said that there is “very high marks” that the body found is that of the minor. However, he acknowledged that the identification “definitive and absolute” corresponds to the CTI.

“The remains of Maximiliano are found after all this situation so horrible and so painful. It is still sad because there was always the hope of finding him alive, “said Gaviría, pick up The Colombian.

How was the body found?

The conviction expressed by the governor of Antioquia is based on informal statements given by the child’s mother, Sandra Patricia Caro, to the authorities last Wednesday.

Caro, who is in detention, referred to the place where her son would be buried, which allowed officials to find the remains that have not yet been identified, public The Colombian.

Days before, some statements by the woman accelerated the search process. According to released by Blu Radio, Caro said that some “spirits” kept her son in a hole.

Caro, Fabio Andrés Carmona Ramírez, Maximiliano’s stepfather, and Robinson Esmit Arboleda Ramírez belonged to a gang that would be linked to black magic rituals, called ‘Los Carneros’, and which was dedicated to searching for gold in northeast Antioquia. Its members were arrested last week.

Added to the mother’s testimony was what was stated by Arboleda, known as ‘Orejas’, who maintained that the infant would have been possessed by a spirit that prevented them from finding a huaca or indigenous tomb, where there were supposedly treasures and valuables.


Since the morning of September 21, the disappearance of the minor was alerted in the La Primavera neighborhood, district of La Cruzada, Remedios municipality, in Antioquia.

According to the mother’s statements to the media, the boy had gone out to buy an arepas for breakfast. From that moment he lost track of her. After notifying the authorities, both the community and the Police began the search.

While the days passed without knowing about the child, the inhabitants of the sector held several wakes to request the prompt return of Maximiliano, according to several media reports.

For its part, the government of that department offered a reward of 60 million pesos (about 12,300 dollars) for whoever provided information on the whereabouts of the disappeared person.


From the beginning, Maximiliano’s mother’s version was riddled with inconsistencies.

When the teachers of the preschool where he studied asked about him, he told them that he was sick. The teachers found out what was happening by watching the news, according to The Colombian.

Another detail that did not fit with his version was the date of the disappearance. On September 20, the day before his mother supposedly last heard from him, Maximiliano was seen in a motocarro in the La Loma del Hueso sector, in the neighboring municipality of Segovia, in the company of his stepfather, mother and alias ‘Orejas’.

In addition, some neighbors said that during the search processes, she was not affected, while her partner did not participate.

In a video, which was presented as evidence to the authorities, Caro is seen in front of a campfire where he would have burned some children’s clothing and bloody cloths that he kept in a bag, six days after the disappearance of his son, according to information from Caracol TV.

Given the suspicions of the community, Caro had to be transferred to another municipality because risked being lynched.

What happened to Maximilian?

The investigation indicates that Maximiliano was subjected to a ritual of black magic by ‘Los Carneros’, in order that this act would allow them to find a supposed treasure.

The minor’s stepfather would have convinced the mother and grandmother, Damaris Estela Pérez Escalante, that the child had a spirit that prevented them from succeeding in their search for riches, for which he suggested that he should be tortured and sacrificed, public The Colombian.

The capture of ‘The Rams’

On October 20, six members of ‘Los Carneros’ were captured in the municipalities of Bello and Segovia, who would be related to the disappearance of the minor, according to a note Prosecutor’s press release.

The group includes Maximiliano’s mother, his maternal grandmother, his stepfather and three other people.

So far, they are charged with the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, aggravated forced disappearance, aggravated torture, cover-up for torture and personal injury with permanent deformity. However, if it is proven that they are responsible for the death of the child, the charge of aggravated homicide would be added.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office maintains that it has “evidence elements” indicating that ‘Los Carneros’ would also be involved in “violent and excessive acts” against another member of the group, to whom they would have caused burns and injuries to the genitals and in different parts of the body. .

Among the objects seized from them are seven cell phones, a voodoo doll, books and objects used to practice rituals.

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