Chess: Cuban Dylan Berdayes completed Grandmaster title

With his victory in the International Tournament of Chess Andrés Clemente Vázquez, Dylan Berdayes became the 47th Grand Master (GM) in the history of the Science Game in Cuba, according to official media reports on the Island.

The 24-year-old said goodbye to the contest, held at the Vedado hotel in the capital, with seven points out of nine possible, after agreeing a draw in the final round with Salvadoran Ernesto Girón, one of the eight visitors who animated the fair, according to a note published by the sports portal Jit.

Dylan had gotten his first GM norm in the International Tournament Capablanca in Memory of 2018, and recorded the next one during last summer, when he won the Catalan circuit, in Spain, the media reports.

For his triumph now, the Havanan won five games and agreed to the armistice in the remaining four, a performance that left his countryman Omar Almeida, owner of six stripes, in second place, adds the publication.

Almieda didn’t tip his king either throughout the contest, but he only managed three hits and rounded off a performance below expectations, considering that he had the highest rating among the contestants, Jit points out.

“I think this is the result of the momentum I took after so many months without playing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I am happy with the level achieved and now I dream of winning a national championship, “Dylan confessed in statements to the specialized media.

The podium of the segment with the highest ranking of the contest was completed with another home player, Luis Lázaro Agüero, who added 5.5 units after beating Mexican Néstor Cofre in the bye.

In the Premier section, the Jamaican Shreyas Smith reigned, despite falling this Friday against the Guatemalan Sergio Miguel García, in a result beyond any forecast and that left him with six points, the information specifies.

Smith had shown an impressive pace during the tournament; He reached the final day as the leader and with the ambition of completing the International Master (IM) norm, but ended up giving in in a not very long duel against the occupant of the penultimate position in the classification and thus his aspirations evaporated.

The report points out that as consolation he was left with the tiebreaker system that placed him ahead of Cuban Jerzy Jesús Pérez, who with a winning closing against Dominican Gian Carlos Arvelo also reached six units.

The host Michel Alejandro Díaz registered his name in the third seat with 5.5 points, after submitting to the local Ronny Manuel Lafont, adds the information.

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