Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce concerned about the closure of Las Bambas operations

Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce concerned about the closure of Las Bambas operations

The Peruvian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce announced the closure of mining operations one of the main copper producers in the which also represents 1% of the of our country.

This is due to the recent invasion of community members from Fuerabamba and Huancuire, which is added to the more than 400 days of paralysis due to the constant blockades, which has caused losses of more than 5 million soles per day.

In a statement, the Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce indicated that they are concerned about the critical situation of their strategic partner: “Minera Las Bambas is part of the group of partners with whom we have had cooperation ties since 2014.”

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“Our country demands leaders who provide quick and lasting solutions for the social and economic benefit of each family. The economic losses that harm an entire nation must not be allowed to continue,” they added.

Las Bambas generate more than 8,000 jobs directly and indirectly, jobs that are affected by the stoppage that has been experienced in recent months.

Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce Communiqué.

In this sense, they exhorted Las Bambas and the Fuerabamba and Huancuire communities and the Executive, “not only to re-establish spaces for equitable dialogue, but to reach agreements and solutions within the framework of respect and that have as their sole objective the search for opportunities and growth”.


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