Abinader supervisa entrega de seis mil nuevas tarjetas Supérate

Abinader supervises the delivery of six thousand new cards Supérate

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader participated today in the Supérate day, where together with its director Gloria Reyes, he observed the delivery of cards.

In this activity, 6,741 new cards will be delivered, from this Saturday until next Monday, with amounts of 1,650 pesos for residents of The Alcarrizos and West Santo Domingo.

Upon arrival, President Abinader presented cards to Miguel Reynoso Tavares, Ana Celia Jiménez, Rosa Alfonsina De Los Santos and Anaisa González on behalf of the beneficiaries.

He then took a tour of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintswhere the conference takes place.

President Abinader delivered cards to Miguel Reynoso Tavares and Rosa Alfonsina on behalf of the beneficiaries.

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For the Program Director improve yourselfGloria Reyes, it is important that the banking entities that are part of this initiative can explain and offer more details about the fraud for more than 160 million pesos committed with the massive impersonation of cards, almost 100 thousand cloned during the weekend of February 19 to 20 last.

The official acknowledges that the cards are very vulnerable and lend themselves to this type of cybercrime, therefore, it favors adopting the corresponding protocols to prevent the practice from repeating itself to the detriment of thousands of families in vulnerable conditions.

He recalled that the institution he directs does not manage the resources of the program and that it is only in charge of selecting the beneficiaries based on established parameters and providing support to families so that they can overcome the circle of poverty in which they live.

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