Mariano Arana: «They broke a tradition of our society»

The former mayor of Montevideo, Mariano Arana, spoke about the IDB credit, whose granting did not prosper. Who was community leader between 1994 and 2005, maintained that a “tradition” was broken.

Arana, member of the Artiguista Slope, blurted out that “sanitation reduces the spread of intestinal worms. That affects school performance. He remarked that this “prevents flooding and improves the quality of the beaches. In 2015, 39% of the world’s population had a sanitation service,” said Mariano Arana.

He recalled that in Montevideo, the people who were reached by this service were more than 90%. “You cannot have an ecological and public health discourse, but actions are promoted to promote sanitation and cleanliness.”

In 1984, when “it was my turn to be a candidate for the Intendancy, the Colorado Party narrowly won us and when IDB sanitation plan one had to be voted on, I asked the mayors of the Front to accompany him. Interest in the people prevailed, above the electoral calculation. We cannot forget that the center must always be the people! », He concluded.

After the expressions of Arana what happened in the Board

Last Thursday at the Departmental Board of Montevideo (JDM), the vote was carried out to determine if the IDB loan for 70 million dollars could be granted to the Municipality of Montevideo.

The project presented by Mayor Carolina Cosse needed a special majority to have the green light. However, and given the refusal of members of the councilors of the coalition government, it did not prosper. The bench of the seat belonging to the National Party, had reached the decision to vote en bloc and the votes were in the negative. From the Colorado Party, the internal was divided, despite the request of Peña, Minister of Environment, to support Cosse’s project. Of the four mayors, two voted against the loan and two in favor, the latter members of the “Citizens” sector, to which Hierarch Peña belongs.

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