Chicken imports almost in DR markets

Chicken imports almost in DR markets

In the next few days, imports of chickens authorized by government authorities, but Diario Libre was unable to obtain details from the Ministry of Agriculture about who will be the importers and how much will enter the country. Information will be released this Wednesday.

Ambiorix Cabrera, president of the Association of Agricultural Producers of Moca and Licey (Aproamoli), said that the country is bringing chickens slaughterhouses, the Government and producers. Imports are under the law of zero rate temporary.

The objective of imports would be to stabilize prices. “Producing a pound of chicken right now costs 39 pesos on the farm, since the increase in raw materials, including corn, which is the result of the war in Ukraine, increased by 100 percent. Now it is at 19.90 dollars a quintal”, he indicated.

In addition, he pointed out that the same thing happened with the price of soybeans and oil.

“About three years ago we produced between 15 and 16 million chickens, and it was more than enough for the demand, but now we are producing almost 20 million chickens a month and it is not enough, because what the population is eating today is chicken,” he said. businessman.

However, the president of the Dominican Association of Poultry Farmers (ADA), José Rafael López, assured that this month 19.4 million people will take to the streets. chickens and by August there will be 21 million chickens available in the market for consumers in the Dominican Republic.

Currently, the country produces more than 18.5 million units of chickens and 260 million eggs per month. The sector is made up of more than 1,200 producers, generates around 20,000 direct jobs and contributes 900 million dollars to the economy.

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