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Check the agenda of presidential candidates for this Wednesday (21/9)

This is the agenda of the 11 presidential candidates for this Wednesday.Check the agenda of presidential candidates for this Wednesday (21/9)

Ciro Gomes (PDT): at 10:00 he participates in Saturday’s Estadão/Faap in São Paulo and at 19:00 he gives an interview to the podcast Monark Talks.

Eymael Constituent (DC): walks in Valinhos (SP) and Campinas (SP).

Felipe D’Avila (New): at 9:00 he has a meeting with the 44 Shopkeepers Association at Shopping 44 in Goiânia, at 9:30 he takes a walk in the region of the 44 Mega Moda Hotel in Goiânia, at 11:45 he has lunch at República da Saúde with representatives Civil Construction Associations, – Developers and small developers, candidates and supporters of Novo. At 3:00 pm visit to Geolab Indústria Farmacêutica in Anápolis (GO) and at 4:30 pm visit to BRG Geradores in Anápolis.

Jair Bolsonaro (PL): Institutional activities in Brasilia.

Leo Pericles (UP): Undisclosed schedule.

Lula (EN): at 3:00 pm, it will receive representatives of movements that defend the rights of people with disabilities in São Paulo.

Father Kelmon (PTB): Internal meeting with supporters and leaders

Simone Tebet (MDB): at 10:30 am, he visits the Paula Souza Center in São Paulo, at 2:00 pm he receives the Ulisses Guimarães Medal at Praça da Liberdade in Rio Claro (SP) and at 2:30 pm he takes a walk from the Rio Claro Railway Workers Union. At 4:00 pm, he participates in a walk departing from the Municipal Market of São Carlos (SP).

Sofia Manzano (PCB): at 9 am he gives an interview to TV Gazeta, at 11 am he gives an interview to Carta Capital, at 3 pm he makes a recording for the podcast A Deriva and at 8.30 pm he gives a live on communists and people with disabilities. All events in São Paulo.

Soraya Thronicke (Union): at 8:30 am he gives an online interview to the program Super N – from Super Rádio (FM 91.7) and the newspaper O Tempo (Minas Gerais), at 2 pm he participates in the recording of an interview with Jornal da Gazeta on TV Gazeta, at 3 pm he gives an interview to the newspaper Valor Econômico and at 7:30 pm gives an online interview to the program Papo N1 of Portal N1 Entretenimento. All events in São Paulo.

Vera (PSTU): at 10:30 he meets with the State Directorate of PSTU Sergipe in Aracaju, at 12:30 he gives a live interview to Rádio Jornal in Aracaju and at 18:30 he meets with activists and campaign supporters at the headquarters of the Oil Workers’ Union in Aracaju.

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