Francis denounced the "savagery and monstrosities" of the war in Ukraine

Francis denounced the "savagery and monstrosities" of the war in Ukraine

Francis spoke about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Photo: AFP.

Pope Pope Francis denounced this Thursday the “savagery and monstrosities” of the war in Ukraineremembering the story told by one of the cardinals he sent to help the Ukrainian people under Russian invasion since February 24.

The Pope said that the Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, head of the Dicastery for Charity of the Holy See, told him “the pain” of the Ukrainian people from the southern Ukrainian province of Odessa, where he was distributing assistance.

“I would like to bring to light a terrible situation in the martyred Ukraine. Cardinal Krajewski went for the fourth time and yesterday he called me, he is helping in the Odessa area and closeness and he told me about the pain of this town,” he said.

According to Francis, the cardinal, whose car was shot at last week, told him about “the barbarities, the monstrosities, the tortured corpses they find” in the area.

“Let us join this noble and martyr people,” the Pontiff called.

“There are no words, there are no tears,” Krajewski told the Vatican press from Ukraine on Wednesday, describing the situation he encountered as he toured cities hit by Russian attacks.

At the end of last week, the Polish cardinal was shot and uninjured while delivering aid in the southern province of Zaporizhia along with two other bishops, one Catholic and one Protestant, accompanied by a Ukrainian soldier.

“For the first time in my life, I didn’t know where to run…because it’s not enough to run, you have to know where,” the cardinal acknowledged.

Vatican sources told Télam that the cardinal will return to Rome today from kyiv

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