Find out who are the candidates for governor of Pernambuco

Check out the Senate candidates for Goiás

The Electoral Justice received at least 28,000 candidacy registrations for the October elections. The campaign officially started on Tuesday (16).Check out the Senate candidates for Goiás

Twelve applications for the Presidency and Vice-President were received; 223 for governor and vice-governor, 232 for senator, 10,376 for federal deputy, 16,421 for state deputy and 591 for district deputy.

According to the electoral legislation, candidates are authorized to take walks, make motorcades with a sound car and distribute campaign material until 10 pm. The campaign runs until October 1, the day before the first round.

Check out the Senate candidates for Goiás:

Alexandre Baldy (PP) – No. 111 – Coalition: PP

Antonio Paixão (PCO) – No. 290 – Coalition: PCO

Deputy Waldir (Union) – nº 444 – Coalition: Union

Denise Carvalho (PC do B) – nº 651 – Coalition: Juntos por Goiás e Pelo Brasil

João Campos (Republicans) – nº 100 – Coalition: Intelligent State

Leonardo Rizzo (New) – nº 300 – Coalition: New

Manu Jacob (Psol) – nº 500 – Coalition: Federation Psol Rede

Marconi Perillo (PSDB) – nº 456 – Coalition: PSDB Citizenship Federation

Vilmar Rocha (PSD) – nº 555 – Coalition: PSD

Wilder Morais (PL) – nº 222 – Coalition: PL

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