Santa Fe Klan, another artist who receives a bottle, but does not stay calm

Santa Fe Klan, another artist who receives a bottle, but does not stay calm

August 21, 2022, 17:23 PM

August 21, 2022, 17:23 PM

Artists of all genres support in recent times the bad Education of some fans, who, inexplicably, attend the first rows of their concerts to end up attacking those they are supposed to admire.

The last to suffer these unpleasant experiences was the mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan, this weekend in Texas (United States), where he had to dodge the bottle that a spectator threw at him. Worst of all, it was a glass bottle that went straight to his head.

Unlike the saucer Mark Anthony, who a few days ago also received a bottle in Colombia and took it in stride, the Santa Fe Klan got upset and asked security to remove the assailant.

Videos that circulate on social networks show the uncomfortable moment that was experienced in the American venue when the rapper he had to stop the bottle with his hands.

The 22-year-old musician identified his assailant and immediately asked security to remove him from the scene. The subject in question was reluctant to leave and the Santa Fe Klan struggled with the guards to get off. and remove it himself. But so much was his anger that even tried to kick the young man when at last he was led away by the bodyguards.

Solved the inconvenience, Ángel Quezada apologized to the public and continued with the show.

The publications, which continue to be reproduced on the networks, divided the followers, while some criticize the artist’s reaction, others support that he demands respect.

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