"Kill those sons…" audios that smear the colonel for the murder of three young people

There is much expectation behind the crime that mourned the family of three young people in the municipality of Chochó (Sucre), after a new case of false positives was allegedly executed by the police colonel of this municipalityBenjamín Núñez, since he had mentioned that these people were members of the Clan del Golfo.

Witnesses pointed out days ago that the high command of the Police would have been in charge of murdering them in cold blood. Once this happened, The person involved left the city of Cartagena for Panama, where it is believed that his destination may be in Mexico.

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His agent and brother Éver Núñez, asserted that the agent’s departure was due to threats from this group outside the law, but not because he is evading justice.

However, in an investigation carried out by Semana Magazine, it was possible to know everything that concerns the case file in which some audios were found. that would be from the moments before the homicide occurred. This was supplied from radio communications, although the perpetrators have yet to be revealed.

There you can hear a woman who mentions: “Quiet, quiet there… On the floor!” Immediately a man is heard intervening and says: “Kill him, kill those hijue…, kill them”

Then the woman is heard again who speaks to the command of the area and mentions the location “Central, central, throughout the Y of Chochó. The two crossings on the roadGiven this, the man who receives the information asks her to be calm and highlights: “I’m here, I’m here, woman.” Faced with the request, the man asks her to calm down: “It’s here, it’s here, woman.”

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It should be noted that the murdered persons were identified as Carlos Ibáñez, 26, Jesús Díaz, 18, and José Arévalo, 22. Although they had indicated that they were dangerous assassins who worked for the Clan del Golfo, who had attacked a patrol car. However, this was diluted with the evidence collected by the Prosecutor’s Office.

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