Chavismo announces legal actions against outgoing directors of Monómeros

Chavismo announces legal actions against outgoing directors of Monómeros

The Comptroller General of Venezuela announced that it will apply several measures to the outgoing board of directors of Monómeros, which was appointed by Juan Guaidowith which it is established that they were “participants in the brazen robbery of one of the most important companies” from the country.

According to Elvis Amoroso, comptroller of Venezuela, the Colombian presidency returned control From petrochemical Monomers to Chavismo, which leaves it under the management of Nicolás Maduro. For the Venezuelan authorities, Monómeros was “looted and bankrupted by the criminal group, thief and criminal of Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges and Leopoldo López”.

What the comptroller foresees is that there are “disqualificationsmeasures prohibiting leaving the country and prohibition to dispose of or mobilize bank accounts in Venezuela for those who made up that board of directors.”

After the decision to return control of the company to Chavismo, Nicolás Maduro appointed a new board of directors for Monomers which would be made up of Luis Enrique Molina, Heifred Segovia, Eduardo Fernández Anaya, Mary Yerman Nava, Génesis Ron Solano.

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