Fernando Pereira considers that the government "should feel ashamed" for the Marset case

Fernando Pereira considers that the government “should feel ashamed” for the Marset case

The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, spoke to the media about, and among the topics discussed was the issue of the passport of the Uruguayan drug trafficker Sebastián Marset, and the link with the issue by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry), to grant the document to the man who was in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

“It is an embarrassment what happened. an embarrassment So, the first thing the Uruguayan government has to feel is shame for what it did. There is a person who is detained in Dubai because he enters a country with a false document, who can think of giving him a legal Uruguayan passport? Now the more we know, the more it hurts?” Pereira said at a news conference.

“Now, the more we know, the more it hurts because those who were diplomatic officials in those countries told our Foreign Ministry to be careful about granting that passport,” added the FA president, who stressed that “apparently (Marset) ordered the assassination of the Prosecutor Pecci according to what the Colombian government proposes. A complete embarrassment.”

Pereira pointed out that “There is a time when people who make a mistake, who are wrong, have to say ‘we made a mistake’. The Foreign Ministry made a mistake, the Ministry of the Interior made a mistake”, and added: “We start from the basis that there is a mistake. A misconception. There are not two or three pieces of information that say it is a mistake. Everything is a mistake”, concluded the political leader.

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