"We seek to consolidate Argentina as an important player in the commercialization"

"We seek to consolidate Argentina as an important player in the commercialization"

(Photo: Florence Downes)

Secretary of Agriculture, John Joseph Bahilloassured this Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies that the four axes of the Draft Law for the Promotion of Agroindustrial Development they propose a system that is “inclusive, sustainable and exporter seeking to consolidate Argentina as a food processor and as an important player in marketing”,

Bahillo expressed these concepts when presenting in a plenary session of the Industry and Agriculture commissions-led by the ruling party Marcelo Casaretto and the radical Ricardo Buryaile-on the agro-industrial promotion project that seeks to generate foreign currency and new jobs in the production of the 24 value chains of the country.

With his presentation, the round of consultations will be closed and at the next meeting an opinion favorable to this initiative will be sought.

Photo Florence Downes
(Photo: Florence Downes)

Opening the meeting, Casaretto said that “the objective of this project is attract investments from the agricultural and industrial sector, generate added value and income of dollars; and in some cases substitute imports and in another promote exports”.

For his part, Buryaille pointed out that “the commitment is to work to have the best possible law that meets the needs of producers and achieve the best proper functioning of the Government”

The project of the Executive Branch aims to achieve a greater industrialization in agricultural activity to export with greater added valuethrough the incorporation of investments and greater technology (seeds, fertilizers, genetics, among others).

The goal set by the initiative is to reach US$100 billion in exports by 2030 and generate 700,000 new jobs.

Photo Florence Downes
(Photo: Florence Downes)

The official pointed out that this law raises “four axes: system to promote federal, inclusive, sustainable and export agro-industrial development; seeking to consolidate Argentina as a food processor and as an important player in marketing”.

Bahillo stressed that the strong federal bias of this project since “if there is something that is going to be preserved in the country for being a federal republic, which is indicated in the Constitution, it is the promotion and active policies for the development of the economies regional”.

The secretary added that “labour inclusion policies must be generated because if all this growth is not consistent with new job opportunities, development does not occur, it is only achieved if there are new jobs.”

Speaking at the plenary session of commissions, Bahillo also pointed out that in the “development of agroindustry, the concept of both agrifood and agroindustrial chains must be incorporated to add value, produce more and develop our productive potential.”

“We have a planting surface that cannot be extended much more, but if we can have technology, by double cultivation, a duplication in the same planted area,” he added.

In another section of his speech he said that production must be “sustainable since we have to look at the environment that does not surround us but without having a position that immobilizes us, otherwise we will not give the response that the country requires.”

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